Basset Hound Rescue of Michigan is a 501c3 organization 


Basset Hound Rescue of Michigan (BHROM) saves, restores and re-home's Basset Hounds in need in Michigan.  We are an all-volunteer organization.   We also work with other Basset Hound rescues around the country, sharing ideas, helping out and supporting their efforts.  We believe that together, we can save more Basset Hounds and help more dogs than going it alone.

Our funding is derived from donations from the public and through fundraisers.  Without help from people like you this rescue could not do its job.  We encourage you to attend our fun, family and dog friendly events and to become involved in helping our efforts.  We are always in need of volunteers and your special skills and talents can make a huge difference in saving a dog.

Our volunteers are located throughout Michigan.  BHROM uses foster families to care for the dogs taken in.  These foster families are key to our success and to the rehabilitation of dogs in need.  These wonderful homes provide a safe haven for the dog and provide love, training and comfort to them.   The dog stays in the foster home until the perfect forever home is found. 

A BHROM dog comes from shelters and from situations where the dog was not safe or cared for.   This includes hoarder situations, puppy mill shutdowns and strays picked up by kindhearted folks and given to the rescue.    With strays, we try to find the owner by scanning for a microchip and by posting the dog on FB.  If the owner is not located within a week, the dog is included in our rescue program.  Dogs with any serious issues or injuries are immediately included in our rescue program so that they may get the medical attention they need.  Basset Hounds entering our care are fully vetted, including spay/neutering, shots, heartworm checks and treatment, monthly preventative and any medications or surgeries the dog may need.  

Families who adopt Basset Hounds from BHROM are given lots of help.  We have continuing contact with the adoptive family and are there to help them with the adjustment period after adoption and beyond.  Our adoptive families become part of the BHROM rescue community and are encouraged to send updates and reports about their new basset family member.  These Basset Hounds are “our babies” and we want to know they are doing well and are happy and loved in their new homes.  

Our work also includes educating the public about the breed, the importance of veterinary care, spay/neutering and monthly heartworm protection.   The Basset Hound is a wonderful breed but is not right for every home.  We are happy to discuss the breed and breed characteristics with anyone interested in a Basset Hound.  You will find information about the breed at all events we hold.

Thank you for visiting the Basset Hound Rescue of Michigan’s website.  Apply today to volunteer or to adopt.  Please click the link below to donate and to help us help them.


Officers and Board Members

  • Christina Brookshire - President

  • Denise LaVoie - Secretary

  • Bonnie Hardiman- Treasurer

  • Lourdes Gallardo Schmid - Officer

  • Kristi Seavers - Officer

  • Carol Berger - Officer